Money master

Probably everyone of us asked himself/herself a questions like those:
“How much money did I spend during last week, month or year, and for what?”
“How much did I save during last months?” –
“Where my money disappear, are they stolen or something?”
“How much I can spend till month end?

To obtain answers to those questions we should start to record what we spend and receive, that is, our expenses and income.
Needless to say that we should really do so to keep our personal finance in order. The companies which fail to keep their expenses under control go bunkrupt.
Once you start doing this you will be surprised how many interesting things you may discover.
We can record our payments in many ways: on the paper, on computer (in Excel or in specialized software), or on mobile device.
For me recording on mobile device is the best option because it is always with you and you can record your payment right away and do not have to recall all your payments during the day.
There are quite a lot of apps for iPhone for tracking of expenses and personal finances, but all of them were either difficult to use of were lacking some important features.
I am sure that managing personal finance should be very easy and intuitive. Here you can find description, tips & tricks and how to use iPhone app “Money Master : personal finance with one gesture and one glance” to keep your personal finance under control. You will see why this app is totally different from others and why it is so easy to use it.

Money master is iPhone app for personal finances.

The list of features:

– Record your payments (expenses, income or transfers) with drag&drop gesture: drag from icon where money goes from and drop to target icons.

– Flexibly customize the “pockets” (like cash in the wallet, bank account, credit card etc), their icons, names, order.

– Flexibly custmize expense icons – their icons, names and their place on the screen.

– Auto-arrangement option. Expense icons will be equally spread.

– Drill down to transaction: tap on the icon to display transactions for that icons.

– Detailed transaction list: filter by date, icons, description.

– Customize wallpaper

– Overview all expenses and icons on one summary report by months, for any period of time, find out if you spent more this month. Dripp down to each payment directly from summary report.

– You can use “planned” transactions to plan your future cash situation. For example you may record inevitable expenses, like rent and so on, to see much cash will be left at month end. And you can switch between display only actual situation or also planned.

If you need assistance, have question or suggestion please do not hesitate to use feedback form below.

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